Salary Survey

Since the late 90’s in collaboration with  Marketing Week, Ball and Hoolahan have produced an annual “Salary Survey”. This is a report based on a sample size of 3000+ Marketers. It gives a guideline of how marketers are remunerated and what the trends and variations are across different industry sectors and regions in the UK.

While it is always interesting for Marketers to be able to compare remuneration packages against that of ones peers, we would always counsel that career advancement, training opportunities, quality of people and softer benefits and most importantly the challenging nature of one’s job are often as important as salary.

Topline findings are published every year in the second week of January issue of Marketing Week. Click here for the 2014 Salary Survey or here for the 2013 Salary Survey or here for surveys from previous years 2007 - 2012

Compare your current salary by visiting the salary calculator we developed in conjunction with Marketing Week Online. Salary Calculator

Our detailed findings for the last two years together with headlines from the year 2000 are available in a special Ball and Hoolahan salary report showcasing salary data across 22 job titles at a charge of £99 (inc Vat). Request a copy by emailing

It is interesting to compare the base salaries for key roles in Marketing  back in 2000 with those in 2013  which suggest basic salary bands have slipped behind with inflation but top performers seem to be  earning slightly more a small increase in real terms.

Salaries versus Inflation

  Average Salary Top 10%
  2000 2013 Inflation 2000 2013 Inflation
Marketing Director £58,000 £75,000 £82,000 £97,000 £138,000 £131,000
Marketing Manager £32,000 £54,000 £59,000 £56,000 £88,000 £79,000
Senior Brand/Product Manager £32,000 £52,000 £45,000 £48,000 £76,000 £68,000
Brand/Product Manager £25,000 £35,000 £35,000 £34,000 £54,000 £48,000
Assistant Brand/Product Manager£19,000 £29,000 £27,000 £26,000 £39,000 £37,000
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