Planning Your Career

Very few individuals have a plan for their career when they first start. From the first time you make contact with Ball and Hoolahan, we will focus not just on the short term next step, but also on how that next step fits with your longer term career plan.

We are always willing to offer advice and where we believe we can assist in finding you a new opportunity, we will interview you face to face so we can identify your strengths and aspirations for the future.

 During your interview process we will develop a career plan, based on up to date knowledge of companies and cultures. If after your interview with us, we believe we cannot meet your requirements, we will endeavour to offer practical advice on your best way forward.

Our experience as marketers and our commitment to understanding people, personalities and 'cultural fit' with organisations, enables us to match your aspirations and motivations to a career plan and to opportunities short and long term.

Give us a call if you would like to chat with one of our consultants for career advice. Contact Us

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