Ball and Hoolahan is a marketing recruitment consultancy filled with marketing industry experts who are uniquely placed to help you grow the very best marketing team for your business.  We work in an efficient and transparent way to get the best results every time. Our heritage and reputation attract a strong talent pipeline of the best candidates.  We have been known for growing great brands with great people for over 30 years and will continue to be the go-to recruitment consultancy for marketers and clients alike. 

We are brand builders - Whether you are just starting out or about to take the next big step, we love helping people and brands grow. We support brands of all sizes in their goals by listening to our clients and understanding our candidates. From blue chip to start-up, FMCG to B2B, global to local, we have the expertise to match your ambition.

We are human - We love meeting people and they love meeting us. Our approach is inquisitive, respectful and - we've been told - refreshingly honest. We believe that everyone deserves equal attention regardless of the size of your business or where you are at in your career. From start-ups to established brands, budding marketers to seasoned experts.

We are marketers - Set up by marketers for marketers, Ball and Hoolahan ​has its roots in growing great brands with great people for over 3 decades. With such strong marketing DNA, we are dedicated to matching the right people with the right brands. Our deep understanding of your world means we are rigorous in our methods and relentless in finding the perfect match for you.

We are partners - Continuing to work with marketing people we placed in their first marketing job and throughout their career, is not only something we are incredibly proud ​of, but something that we love doing. It matters as much to us as it does to you that your next career move or hire is the right fit. We actively coach both clients and candidates on how to best approach their search in a collaborative way. 

We have an inherent intuition and curiosity to make sure we only provide the best matches for both clients and candidates in a way that has you at the centre of everything. We are transparent and uncompromising in our approach because we know that every and any contact is important, so managing everybody's expectations is second nature to us, ensuring you always know where you stand at any point. We deliver what you need by focusing on 4 key elements:

  • Brand Advocacy - We commit fully to your brand and to building long-term relationships.

  • Cultural Fit - Crucial to the success of matching the right candidates with you.

  • Marketing Expertise - Our unique team of industry experts fully understand your needs.

  • Quality over Quantity - We will never bombard you with irrelevant or unqualified candidates.

​Contact us today to discover more about our solutions and start building the marketing team you need to achieve your business goals.