Getting Started in Marketing

There are various types of roles within the marketing industry. For example roles in Brand Management,  Insight and Research, Digital & Online, Customer & Shopper, NPD & Innovation, DM and CRM, ATL and SP.

Marketing is a career that has many specialist strands and requires a broad range of particular skills and expertise. A broad definition of Marketing would be: 'taking consumer insight to drive profit growth by harnessing the 4P's of product, price, place and promotion and successful marketers will need to demonstrate a range of skills from analysis and insight to creative and commercial results delivery'.

To discover what area of marketing you are interested in you first need to consider four key things:

  • The nature of the different roles – what does the role involve? Look at various job specifications and learn what the various roles are responsible for.
  • Career progression within organisations – what avenues do you have to learn and grow in an organisation? Is the role going to give you new skills and experience?
  • The culture of different companies – how does the company operate, can you see yourself in that environment?
  • Your own strengths/interests and future aspirations – what are your strengths, what do you enjoy, what are you passionate about and where do you see yourself in the years to come?

Having determined these, then further research may be useful to identify companies that may be of interest to you including online, TV and press advertising, local supermarkets/high street retailers, College/University career fairs or advice services and local libraries.

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