Frequently Asked Questions for Clients

How can you source candidates so quickly and accurately?

After 25 years of operation our level of penetration into the high-calibre marketing community is second to none. Our greatest asset developed over 25 years of operation is our database which currently holds 10,000 high calibre FMCG candidates who can be instantly accessed and have been thoroughly interviewed face to face by ourselves. As soon as a brief comes live, we individually brief each candidate who we feel would be a strong technical fit for the role and cultural fit for the organisation and gain their agreement for us to send their CV. On average this can be done within 48 hours (sometimes 24 hours!!).

Why do you offer a better service in the recruitment of marketers?

Because we are totally focused and specialise only in Marketing professionals. Our Consultant's have all had careers in blue chip companies and understand the nature of the marketing role from both the candidate and the client recruitment perspective.

Why do you feel it is so beneficial to build a relationship with the marketing team?

Because experience shows that additional contact with line management team dramatically affects speed and accuracy of placements. It also helps us to understand the team's dynamic and match the right candidate to your company culture.

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