Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you offer the best service for marketers?
Because we are totally focused and specialise only in Marketing related roles. Our Consultant's have all had careers in blue chip companies and understand the nature of the marketing role from yours and the client recruitment perspective. After 25 years of operation our relationships with high-calibre marketing companies is second to none and provides a great range of exciting opportunities.

Why do you feel it is so important to interview me face to face before you are willing to submit my CV for a position?
Because experience shows that what is suitable for a person goes beyond simply what matches their skills. Cultural fit and personal and career goals are of equal importance. We like to get to know our candidates so we can best represent them and place them in the right role.

Why do you dedicate a single consultant?
This ensures a single responsible contact who will act in your very best interest based on the information you provide, and allows for a more personal approach to guiding you in your search for a new marketing opportunity.

If you also recruit for my Company how I can ensure you will be totally confidential?
Our philosophy and success is based upon honesty, integrity and confidentiality. You can rest assured we would never discuss your candidacy with anyone without your prior agreement.

What is the best way to contact Ball and Hoolahan?
We prefer to be contacted by phone and have a chat about your requirements and how we can help you. Please visit our contact us page for details on how to get in touch.


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