CV Writing and Interview Preparation

Preparation is key. You need to plan how best to sell yourself both on your CV and at interview stage. Marketing is a very competitive industry, so think about why someone should employ you. Academic qualifications are important together with relevant work experience and delivered achievements. It is always good to demonstrate special achievements in other areas of your life such as such as clubs, charities and sport.

Whether it is your first, second or third career move, or even if you are faced with the threat of redundancy, it is essential to ensure that your CV is up to date and accurately reflects, and differentiates between, responsibilities and achievements.  As one progresses in both responsibility and achievement, it is likely that earlier achievements such as GCSE’s may not be required on your CV and we would recommend restricting the length of your CV at any stage in your career to a maximum of 2 pages.

Once you have produced a strong CV it would be sensible to remind yourself why you are in marketing, what it is that you enjoy about marketing and why you think you are good at marketing. It is then worth rehearsing in front of a mirror or with a friend the answers to these questions and others so that at an interview you are prepared and fluent. Sample interview questions will be offered to you once we have interviewed you. If you are not called for interview by us, there are still many resources and sample questions available online.  

Remember: Successful interview preparation and CV presentation requires you to think about the possible questions you may get asked and the evidence you may need to demonstrate. If you are interviewed by us we will do our best to help you prepare.

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