Day 610...


Jesus Garcia

I have been part of the Ball and Hoolahan team for just over a year and a half, and it’s been a real journey in many ways. We have, and are still, going through the biggest change to our business since it started in 1988 when Mrs Ball and Mrs Hoolahan set up a rare recruitment consultancy for its time, a marketing recruiter set up by marketers for marketers.

Initially I joined as the Operations Director, to learn the ‘Ball and Hoolahan’ way under the close direction of Roy Hoolahan, but once he took a well-deserved step back in Easter 2016 the running of this amazing business and protection of its brand became mine. And it’s these words, ‘amazing’ and ‘protection’ that I want to explain to you as we launch our new website.

In our old office on Margaret Street you could feel and almost taste the tradition in our brand, from the green leather chesterfield sofas to the moody lighting, this is a business that is strong in identity and at one with its roots. It knows its value to candidates and clients alike. It’s this amazing sense of adding value to customers, combined with a clear opportunity to elevate this experience, that attracted me to Ball and Hoolahan, and continues to almost magnetically attract marketing people to it too.

We use words like ‘partnership’, ‘human’ and setting ‘standards’, but it’s our people and how they live and breathe these values that make this business genuinely different. We are ‘brand builders’ and we see you as a brand, equally as a candidate, client or consultant brand because the ‘Ball and Hoolahan’ way is not just about steadfastly holding onto our heritage, it’s about respecting this and allowing our people to harness and flourish with support. Like brand custodians, it’s in our DNA to do the best we can for you and deliver on one simple promise, to do what we say we will do.

So with the comfort of the past, my role is to take Ball and Hoolahan and its team forward and ensure we are still adding value in another 30 years whilst being true to our heritage. We will continue to offer advice and guidance that is second to none. Our consultants – who are mainly ex-marketers – will continue to partner and work with clients that want a genuine and equal two-way consultancy, and we will provide an environment where learning, drive, growth and pride can thrive.

My team and I are 1 year, 8 months, 3 days and counting into a journey that will no doubt go through its fair share of ups and downs, but we know what we want to do and how. Ironing this out and having fun along the way will no doubt lead to more stories I can share, so if you’d like to learn more about me and my team, as a candidate, client or consultant, then drop me a line.

Marc Sigrist, MD and Brand Ambassador for Ball and Hoolahan